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The form below is the Bear Studios application for Undergraduate Students interested in becoming a Strategy, Design, or Technology Consultant.


All free responses must be no longer than 300 words. All Strategy and Technology applicants must submit a Resume. Design applicants must submit both a Resume and a Portfolio by sharing a link to the appropriate webpage in the field below or emailing it to with your name in the subject line.

Due Thursday, October 12th by 11:59PM CST.

Please select the group to which you are applying.

Thank you for your submission!

Bear Studios Background-01.jpg
Our Commitment to Hands-On Learning

At Bear Studios, we believe the best experience stems from hands-on learning. That is why we enable each of our Consultants to lead client communications and drive results. Our soft hierarchy and “One Team” approach gives you the space to control your own workflow. The cumulative experience of six years in the industry and our unique training process gives you the knowledge to create your own success.


The problems facing our client businesses are diverse and complex. That is why we look for applicants from any and all backgrounds who love to learn. Through continual learning, we adapt our skill sets and modify our student perspectives to derive novel solutions. 


Cultivate a unique experience with us, Bear Studios, during your tenure as an undergraduate that will unquestionably prepare you for any future career.

Bear Studios Background-01.jpg
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