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Client Reviews

Fantastic first experience. Looking forward to

tailoring the approach as we continue working

with Bear Studios. 




Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Washington University in St. Louis

Great experience;

everyone was very helpful

and the final product

was great.




Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine

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Bear Studios Background-01.jpg

We provide our clients with the best insights and deliverables available from an undergraduate-based team at an incredibly cost-effective price. Our ability to rapidly adapt to each business's unique needs differentiates Bear Studios. No matter the time frame, no matter the need, we deliver professional-grade services to every single one of our clients.

We offer three distinct service lines which may be adapted and modified to any business's diverse needs.  To stay true to our value of "Continual Learning", our team is willing to take on new challenges to solve unique problems.  Click "Learn More" under each service to explore our current offerings, and contact us for a free meeting to uncover further opportunities and inquire about our prices!

Bear Studios Background-01.jpg



As our longest standing service, we have over five years of experience curating market research, constructing business models, benchmarking, and crowdsourcing data for our clients. Our Strategy Consultants have undergone extensive training and have access to a multitude of internal resources.



We pride ourselves on the diversity of our design offerings. From graphic, to brand packages, to slide design, our Design Consultants have done it all for companies in a variety of industries. Our three-step iteration process rooted in design thinking principles enables designers to rapidly modify designs to reflect your evolving preferences.



We strive to provide our clients with a holistic service portfolio. That is why we reinstituted our technology vertical in 2019. Our Technology Consultants are proficient in front-end development with both HTML/CSS and popular webdev platforms like WordPress and Squarespace.

Bear Studios Background-01.jpg
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