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TEDx: Challenging Confirmation Bias through Creativity and Connectivity

Pictured Above: Lexi Jackson, former Executive Director at Bear Studios

What word connects the following three words to one another: sore, sweat, shoulder? If you answered “exercise,” you are not alone. Our own cognitive barriers and biases prevent us from making creative associations between diverse sets of people and ideas in our own lives. In this case, these barriers prevent us from identifying the correct answer: “cold.” This talk explains the crippling effects of confirmation bias on our own creative potential and includes practical methods of overcoming these biases and barriers to drive both creativity and connectivity.

Lexi Jackson is originally from the small town of Nixa, Missouri. She is currently a senior at Washington University in St. Louis studying Organization and Strategic Management and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. On campus, Lexi serves as the Executive Director of the student-run consulting and design firm Bear Studios. Lexi also founded the university's first Diversity and Inclusion Summit with several of her peers. Lexi has worked in the energy policy space during the past two summers, seeking to bring clean energy opportunities to rural areas like her own hometown. In the future, she plans to continue working in public policy and public service with a focus on serving the diverse communities throughout the State of Missouri.

See the full TEDx talk here.

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