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Website Development for a Non-Profit Organization

January 2021 - March 2021

The Firm worked with a nonprofit organization that is focused on addressing immigrants’ job searching needs by creating a hub of resources and support structures that all members of immigrant and refugee communities can easily access.


At the beginning of the partnership, the Client had an existing mission statement and logo for the organization, along with a rough outline of the website. He had not yet decided on his preferred programming interface, specific wording to populate the site with, or additional functionalities to include on the site.


The Client was looking for a team to develop a website that included several static pages, as well as a job portal that would allow users to find opportunities matching their qualifications. He requested that the website be done in one month to adhere to his overall timeline.


At the start of the project, the Consultants researched different website building and hosting companies that the Client could utilize. The Consultants walked through the benefits and drawbacks of major hosting providers – after discussion, the Client ultimately chose to proceed with Wordpress and then set up an official account for the Consultants to utilize.

Following this, the Consultants created a website framework for the Client, detailing what information they would need, including descriptions of services, the nonprofit’s goals, and team members’ profiles. For elements that the Client was missing, the Consultants helped write up a copy based on existing information. The Consultants went through one round of feedback to ensure that the content met the Client’s expectations.

Simultaneously, the Consultants began sketching layouts of the website and sent them to the Client for approval.

Figure 1. Pictured above is Bear Studios Consultant Katherine Yu’s preliminary sketches of the website’s potential footer layout.

After the Client approved the designs (see Figure 1) translated onto a visualization software, Figma, the Consultants began making the work come alive on the Wordpress website. They utilized various plugins and existing tools to implement different elements, like a contact form, dynamic images, and more. Design elements, like color scheme and font, were extrapolated by the Consultants from the Client’s existing logo.

Once the website framework and design were finished, the Consultants recorded a video of them walking through the website and its functionalities for the Client to serve as a reference for future developers. The Client was pleased with the work and sent over a couple of minor edits regarding photo choices and header movement, all of which the Consultants addressed within a few business days. The team recorded a final video walkthrough for the Client to review, and the project was concluded on time.

Figure 2. Bear Studios' approach to website development projects.


The site will be published in late April for public viewing and use.

The Team

Emily Su – Project Manager

Katherine Yu – Lead Design and Tech Consultant

Milo Santigo – Lead Strategy and Tech Consultant

Kayzad Bharucha – Lead Strategy Consultant

Industry: Technology, Website Development

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

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