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Our Consultants write about their academic and personal journeys via our long-standing partnership with the Olin Blog.



Our Consultants, Advisors and Clients are helping create the future of our world.  See how this impact is taking shape by exploring their most notable accomplishments.



Our Executive Directors sit down with incredible undergraduate students from across the country each week to share their journeys and ideas for a better tomorrow.

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Bear Studios Director is Olin Business School's Class of 2020 Keynote Speaker

05.18.2020 Lexi Jackson, Advisor

Lexi Jackson, a past director, was chosen to speak to Olin Business School's Class of 2020 graduating class during their virtual graduation ceremony!

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Strategy Consultant Receives the Prestigious Truman Scholarship

04.15.2020 Max Klapow, Strategy Consultant

Max Klapow, a rising Senior and Strategy Consultant for Bear Studios, received the coveted Truman Scholarship this past April.


Challenging Confirmation Bias through Creativity and Connectivity

11.27.2019 Lexi Jackson, Advisor

TEDxWUSTL: What word connects the following three words to one another: sore, sweat, shoulder? If you answered “exercise,” you are not alone. Our own cognitive barriers and biases prevent us from making creative associations between diverse sets of people and ideas in our own lives. In this case, these barriers prevent us from identifying the correct answer: “cold.” This talk explains the crippling effects of confirmation bias on our own creative potential and includes practical methods of overcoming these biases and barriers to drive both creativity and connectivity.


Our Problem with Empathy

04.19.2019 Max Klapow, Strategy Consultant

TEDxWUSTL: Spreading exciting ideas and fostering innovation at Washington University


A New Educational Opportunity

03.11.2019 Peter Delaney, Advisor

Published in Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EEX), a peer-reviewed journal.

Article by Peter Delaney, Ken Harrington and Emre Toker


Bear Studios director to speak at WU Commencement

05.16.2018 Bill Feng, Advisor

The Source: Attending college at the right time, right place

Article by Diane Toroian Keaggy


An innovation mindset

04.20.2018 Peter Delaney, Advisor

The Source: Sharing stories of innovation at Washington University

Article by Diane Toroian Keaggy

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