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Rewind 2020

This year has been marked by change for our firm and the world. In January, Peter Delaney, Founder of Bear Studios and LFR International, relinquished his ownership stake in the firm to Garrett Passamonti and Emily Su. Now full-time Executive Directors and Co-Owners, Garrett and Emily would navigate the firm through a pandemic, unrivaled political turmoil, and novel business challenges.

Even with Consultants now living in three different countries and working across five different time zones, Bear Studios continued to leverage undergraduate talent to provide high-quality and cost-effective design, strategy, and technology services to equip clients with the tools they need to succeed. Our Consultants stepped up to support local businesses, to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to take on new leadership positions within the firm and their communities.

In March we built out resource guides and to help better represent and serve our local minority communities, resources still available via our website and socials. In April, we curated, daily, an extensive document listing new virtual job and internship opportunities for our peers across the nation. On August 1st, we launched our new website, designed by one of our own, Geordi Gonzalez. Despite a year full of adversity, we continued to serve our communities and find new ways to support our clients.

To our friends, business partners and global community, we thank you for your continual support. Let’s make 2021 an even better year!

See the full report here.

At Bear Studios our mission is to empower problem solvers. We leverage top quality talent from Washington University in St. Louis to provide our client businesses with impactful and game-changing solutions. Since our foundation in 2014, we have worked with over 100 businesses across the country. These companies have gone to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed funding, partner with global industry leaders in their respective fields, and change the world. If you are a small business owner, hoping to take a break from the ‘safe’ and start your own business or looking to improve your services, send us a note and ask for your free consultation today.


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